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What is Holistic Kidney?

Your doctor has told you that your kidneys aren't doing so well and you've wondered what can I do now? Do I just wait to go on dialysis? You've heard of natural remedies that people have bought in the health food store. Maybe they'd help. There has to be natural remedies that are good for the kidneys, but how can you know what's safe?

Holistic Kidney is a naturopathic medical practice that focuses on optimum health for kidney patients. Dr. Jenna Henderson, brings her expertise on kidney health to patients with long distance consults all over the world.

Explore the links to research and check out Holistic Kidney's articles. Whether you've just heard that you have kidney disease, high blood pressure or diabetes and want to do the best you can to beat the disease, or you're already on dialysis or with a transplant and want to do your best to stay well, Holistic Kidney can help you.

Conditions Holistic Kidney Treats: 

Diabetic nephropathy

Dialysis care


Nephrotic Syndrome

Kidney stones



Minimal Change

Membranous Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy

Polycystic kidneys

Nephritic syndrome


Crescentic nephritis


Wilm's tumor

Renal cell carcinoma



Recurrent kidney infections

Age related kidney decline

Uremic syndrome

Post-transplant care

Issues Holistic Kidney can help you with:

* How can I perserve my kidney function?

* How can I control my blood pressure naturally?

* How can I have more energy to make it through the day?

* What can I do to prevent/ reverse the loss of bone density from kidney disease?

* How can I keep my heart healthy and avoid the cardiovascular disease that often accompanies kidney issues?

* How can I be more comfortable during dialysis treatments and not have so much nausea and cramping?

* How can I build connective tissue and keep my fistula working as long as possible.?

* What can I do about the side effects of my transplant medications?

* What can I do about loss of libido?

* What natural treatments help renal anemia?


Call (866) 273-1653 to make an appointment.


What's New?

* Natural Replace with "Natural Medicine and FSGS -- Dr. Henderson in the June 2013 issue of The Townsend Letter

* Dr. Henderson is now talking to patients on skype.

* Dr. Henderson blogs about Renadyl probiotics. See article.

* Holistic Kidney has 3,500 fans on facebook. Join us on Facebook.


"After having been diagnosed with stage three kidney disease, and told by three neprologists that I was heading toward dialysis, and eventual transplant, I was frightened and defiant. I thought there must be other choices.  After weeks of research I came across Holistic Kidney and contacted Dr Henderson. We talked and she put me on a regimen. It's been about six months and my last blood test shows that my condition is stable. That's good news! Dr. Henderson's advice and council has been invaluable. Thanks Dr. H!"    
Harvey N.
Miami Beach, Florida 


"On all occasions when I have needed expertise in natural medicine for kidney disease, I have called upon Dr. Jenna Henderson. She has provided me valuable insight in caring for patients--guiding me with the most up-to-date research and sharing her comprehensive knowledge base and experience in this area. As a result of consulting with Dr. Henderson, my care for renal patients has been far more informed and clinical outcomes in my practice have been very favorable. Dr. Jenna Henderson is a skilled clinician and a truly compassionate human being. I cannot speak highly enough about her and I enthusiastically recommend her work.”

Dr. Melanie Meyer
Montpelier, VT


"For the first time since last year our son is in complete clinical remission. Our kidney specialist is glad to see him get there so quickly. She was intrigued to know that though his ratio hasn't been 'normal' until recently, he actually has not shown any protein in his urine which we check daily. We are continuing with Dr. Henderson's protocol and are very thankful for your help. My wife chats with others online with other parents of FSGS children and we are very fortunate that Gabriel has responded so well to his situation compared with what others have endured."

Steve W.
Northeast Iowa